Superbity SundaysSuperbity Sundays

You know that feeling when something is so awesome that it becomes superb and it’s even more awesome than superb?

If yes, then good. You can relate to me. If no, then it’s okay – because I present to you: Superbity Sundays!

You will understand what it is once you read my posts! 😉

Comment Love MondaysComment Love Mondays

I will take some time to visit other WordPress blogs and leave meaningful comments to posts that I like. I will share the blogs that I visited + the posts and my comments every time I do a Comment Love Monday post.

Trending TuesdaysTrending Tuesdays

What’s going on with the worlds (blogging, fandom, personal) that I’m in? What’s trending? And what do I think about what’s in?

Read all about those things in every Trending Tuesday post that I write.

Writing WednesdaysWriting Wednesdays

I didn’t include my writing world under Trending Tuesdays because I want writing to have a feature of its own – Writing Wednesdays!

Usually, I’d post news and some announcements about my works-in-progress, and occasionally, I might share some posts about writing that I find to be interesting.

Teen Stuff ThursdaysTeen Stuff Thursdays

I love it when someone can relate to what I’m experiencing, so I made this feature to talk about some teen stuff, and hopefully, get responses from fellow teens who feel the same way. I will also accept submissions for this feature (in case someone wants to share his/her story and needs some people who would understand) and you can tell me yours by sending me a message via Anything Goes. And, if you guys remember, I originally have Time Travel Thursdays as my Thursday feature but I decided to put it on my book blog instead. Check out the features of Bibliophile Soprano to learn more!

Fangirl FridaysFangirl Fridays

Fangirl Friday posts would be the craziest of all my features because hey, it’s fangirling. I will share all the feels with y’all! ❤

Speak Up SaturdaysSpeak Up Saturdays

There are some things that I feel I should say something about. I like speaking up, even if it’s risky. I try my best to be as neutral as possible, but honesty is my main goal.

I hope to hear from you guys every time I write a Speak Up Saturday post, because I will talk about some things in debate, some issues (minor, and maybe major), and things that need more opinions from people around the world.


Let your thoughts be heard!

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